Thursday, August 12, 2010

An Open Mind

I wish I could say this is my painting, but it
is not. Let me start at the beginning...

At the gallery, almost every day, I have
someone tell me that they know an artist:
(their child, brother-in-law-, neighbor's
ex-wife...etc, you get the idea) For some
reason, I think they feel like they always
need to share that with me. Anyway, most
of the time I just file that info away, or I
might look them up just for fun. Well, today
this nice gentleman came in for lunch, and
on his way out, said to me, "My sister is an
artist in Baton you know Carol
Creel?" Since I am so out of the loop living
in this rural place, I said no I did not. And
he said, "Well, she is a watercolorist, and
she is really good." and he gave me her
website. Well, by golly, she is REALLY good!!
This is one of her pieces. Check out her site: I was so pleasantly never know what you might
learn, and I need to keep an open mind.
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