Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scripture Photo -Greece

I started on the scripture photos for the
Greece show today. This is the first one
I wanted to do.
We were in the bus on the way to Metsovo,
when this group of sheep appeared on the
side of the road. We saw the sheep
dogs first, and the bus slowed to let us take
some pictures. Our tour guide let us get off
the bus, but told us to be quiet and quick...
she wasn't sure what the dogs might do if they
thought we were a threat to the sheep. And then
the shepherd appeared, walking slowly up behind
the sheep, carrying his staff. I think he was stunned
to see a dozen tourists with cameras pointing at him
standing beside a huge purple bus...but I got this
shot, and it is one of my favorites from the trip.
He finally figured out we were taking pictures of him,
and gave us this final little wave...perfect.
Scripture Photo: The Shepherd and The Sheep
12 x 18 fine art print $65 Notecard + Envelope $4.00
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