Monday, August 2, 2010

All in a Day's Work

With unemployment numbers so high, we
are all thankful to have a job. Here are some
people hard at work on Fisherman's Wharf...
The bakers work at the sourdough bread factory,
and they are called "dough artists". They are
making specialty loaves: a teddy bear, an alligator
(I could sell those here!), a turtle. There was a
crowd watching them at the window.
The man with the filet knife was just back from
a chartered fishing trip, and he was fileting the
fish the people had caught for them to take with
them. He sliced open this flounder is seconds
flat....that's a play on words...think about it.
And the two guys were dishing up crabs and
clam chowder is bread bowls. I did partake of
the latter, and it was delicious. I would love to
figure out how to serve our soup in bread bowls
here at the cafe. If anyone knows a bakery that
would ship us some, let me know.
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