Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bee Finished

I finally got back around to working on this
watercolor. I used the masking fluid to cover
the flowers. Then I wet the background, and
painted the blue wash. When dry, the masking
stuff rubs off, a lot like rubber cement. Then
I added the details, etc. I will try to photograph
the whole thing (when my camera battery charger
gets here...long story). Anyway, I will be starting
to work on Greek stuff for the show in the fall.
Have already started printing large format photos,
and some notecards. Will post as I go along.
The Greece sketchbooks will be here sometime next
week, for all of you who ordered one. If you would
still like one, and you have not let me know, I can
get another order in shortly. If you want to go ahead
and send your payment now, that will be great.
You can call the gallery with a credit card, or mail a
Greece Digital Sketchbook $100 (50 pages)
Pea Patch Gallery 318-628-3560
109 S. Abel Winnfield, LA 71483
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