Thursday, April 3, 2014

300th Birthday for Natchitoches, LA

Several years ago, I belonged to the
Guild and Gallery over in Natchitoches, LA.
I did this pen and ink drawing and had it printed
as posters that I sold through the gallery.
I still had several of them left, so I contacted a gift shop
there, and they are going to buy some from me.
I am selling them in the black and white ink version, and
then, I am hand painting some of them as well.  I will ship them
to her as soon as I am finished.

Natchitoches is the oldest city in the Louisiana Purchase.  They are
celebrating their 300th centennial this year.  I believe they are having
some kind of event every weekend.  You can go to their
tourism website and see the whole schedule.  Might be fun to go and
check it out!

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