Sunday, April 13, 2014



This egret drawing is done...I tweaked the darks some.  Made the contrast
deeper.  And then worked on the bird a little more. 

I would still like to do some more of these egret subjects.  I am trying
 some now in watercolor, and there may be some
colored pencil ones too.

It is so ironic.  I am a Texan by birth.  I have lived in Louisiana
now, however for 35 years.  When I first opened the gallery,
I cannot tell you how many people asked me if I had
any "white bird in the swamp" paintings.  I was doing some
still life, lots of wildlife, and some architectural pieces. I didn't
have any swamp paintings at the time, and it would make me
slightly irritated.  The longer I lived here, the more fascinated
I became with the swamp.  And now I have done lots
of swamp scenes and photography.  Now I just need those
customers to come back!

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