Thursday, April 17, 2014

Art Projects

Did a little stenciling this week in our little art
class.  Samuel is putting some color on the
sponge brush and adding it to the frame.

Claire's finished frame....cute



And then I started my own art project.  This is the wet into wet
background for a watercolor of the swamp.  I am going to add a bird
in the branches.  It may be a blue heron, maybe a white egret?

This is the original photograph I am using as a reference.  I took this
years ago when I went all the way through the Atchafalaya in a wooden
boat with Mr. Bob Carroll and Robert Mayeaux.  We went in the fall, as you
can see from the rusty color of the cypress trees.  It took us most of the
day to travel from near Breaux Bridge to Port Allen.  We stopped all
along the way for me to take pictures, like this one.  Fun memories

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