Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Drawing on the Possibilities

If you have ever been to Venice, you know about the thousands of
pigeons that inhabit St. Mark's square.  But even if you haven't traveled to
Italy, you've probably seen batches of pigeons, hanging out in parks
or patios.  These were in Venice, and the larger photo was full of them.
I picked different ones to make up this composition, and then
linked their shadows together. 

If you have been to Liberty island, the home of the Statue of Liberty, you rode on this
ferry boat and docked at this landing.  These ornate chairs and tables are still
on this outdoor area, where families and tourists gather to chow down on
hot dogs, hamburgers, and ice cream cones.  I was there very late in the day one time,
and snapped this photo of the long shadows cast by the furniture.  I did this drawing
several years ago, interested in the different textures and patterns.

And you probably haven't been in my front yard?!, but you probably have seen
these beautiful Bradford pear trees in bloom.

You may be wondering what these three drawings have in
common, or why I am posting them all together now.  Well,
I just submitted all three for a chance to be published in the
new Northlight book called: Strokes 7  The Best of Contemporary
Drawing.  They publish these books every so often as compilations
of drawings by current artists. This book will feature drawings that
emphasize depth or an unusual viewpoint.  They are accepting 50%
black and white drawings, and the rest, color.  So, I thought these
met the criteria, and I decided to give them a try.  I won't hear
anything till September! so you will have to wait like I will to
hear something.  Fingers crossed


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