Monday, April 28, 2014

Hidden Gem down at "the Farm"

This is the art class building.  It was packed with children making and painting 'stuff'.

The sign has the  purposes: to promote and provide a place for the arts..woohoo!

One of the cleverest fountains I have ever seen...way cool

This is the drama area...they put on a production of Hansel and Gretel here

This is "sooooo" me!  And I love Vincent Vangogh's work with a passion

This is the Gingerbread House

The face painting fun

The entrance to "The Farm" 
 Minden, LA

I found the neatest place last Saturday.  After the garden tour, I asked
about art activities in town, and they pointed me here.  It is located in south
Minden, and sits on 4 acres.  Here is a summary provided by them:

On February 27, 1887, Judge Harmon Drew pronounced Mary Fuller and
Frederick Moess "husband and wife".  In 1999, more than a hundred years later, their granddaughter, Zenobia West, donated the family homestead to Cultural Crossroads.Careful thought and planning has gone into creating a haven for creative expression.
From the largest children's arts festival in the area to the ever
popular summer art cams for kids, it is now home to the Farmer's Market, music festivals, and a host of other community building activities. 

I was there on the celebration of their 20th year!  They were
hosting fine art vendors, a talent show for kids, live theatre, create
your own art stations, and much more.  It was
a fabulous place.  I immediately thought of two fine art educators that we
lost in our community.  I so wish we could have a place like this. 
Fran Heath and Raelene Pell would
have loved something like this
(those of you who knew them are nodding your heads!)

I think they are online.  And they are on
Facebook as well.  Check them out....great place.  I applaud
anyone promoting the arts to children these days.  Bravo!

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