Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Big Picture

Mural Time

I have seen many murals in my life...painted on the side of
buildings, walls, and signs.  I have never painted
anything very big least not the size of a wall!

This is the wall beside my building (the Pea Patch Gallery
and Café).  We own the vacant building where this plaster
still clings to the wall.  I have been contemplating for a long time
about what needs to be on this wall.  I already painted some words
on the other wall, advertising some of the things we offer in
the shop.  But I want to be able to get people's attention!  Make
them stop! And shop and eat!  So, that is what is going to be on
this wall.

The pointing hand shows the direction they need to turn.  On the
small section of pink, I am going to say something about "visit our
downtown shops" and on the longer pink section, "Stop, Shop, Have
Lunch"  Go ahead and "bayou" something!  I am planning to add some
white paint first, and then do the letters in black.  Then on the
adjoining wall, do the same colors and style, and pull it all together.
Hopefully, it will attract some much needed customers! 

Will keep you posted on the progress.

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