Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Key to Art

I came across this card in my jewelry drawer today. This
is some work by an artist that I met at the Red River Revel
several years ago. He makes great jewelry and art from
found objects, old costume stuff, and keys. He has a website
and a blog, and sells in an Etsy store. His work is very
clever and kinda quirky. You might want to pick up a fun
piece for someone for Christmas. At the very least, check out
his stuff.
I am still taking some guesses on the November give-away.
One follower is pretty close to guessing the right location...
And speaking of giving away art...I was intrigued by the
recent story of the plumber in possession of the Picasso
originals, and all the hoopla surrounding it. I believe he
could have given the man the artwork..I would gladly
trade some of my work in payment to a plumber....have
you seen what they charge?! The last one I used, charged
$75.00 an hour...that was when I decided that I really
don't charge near enough for my work!
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