Monday, December 6, 2010

Later Gator

One of my followers was anxious to see some
more pen and ink here's one for
When I was teaching art in high school,
one of our favorite units was pen and ink. The
students were usually able to do it fairly well and
have some success, and therefore, they were very
self motivated to finish their projects. One of the
projects we did for several years was an annual
calendar featuring their pen and ink drawings. We
sold the ads on the back of the calendar, and then
also sold the calendars. It was a great fundraiser.
We usually did a theme: Winnfield Landmarks,
Louisiana Wildlife, Barns, etc. We did one of just
the Longs: Huey and Earl, their homes, campaign
posters, and assorted other subjects. And I am proud
to say that one of my former students is now teaching
Art here in town, and he is also doing a calendar with
his students...and I bought an ad!
"What goes around, comes around"
(if I could put a Santa hat on that gator, it would make
a great Christmas card!)
gail shelton art
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