Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gone to Fruit Market

These are sketches for the next collection
of the fruit series. These are all little
drawings from some of my sketchbooks.
The nectarines were in London; the prune
were in Paris; the strawberries were in
Venice; and the lemons were in Rome.
I had an interesting thought last night. I
have numerous sketchbooks filled with my
original art. There are watercolors, pen and
ink drawings, colored pencil sketches, collages
and photographs, and pencil drawings. They
all capture the essence of the place. Some are
quick and loose, and some are more polished.
I have been trying to assemble a portfolio with
all kinds of examples of my work. And I thought,
I just need to carry a couple of the sketchbooks
with me, and let the reps take a look through them!
It sure would be a lot easier...however, I don't know
how professional it would be. And how well received.
anyway, it was just a thought....
gail shelton art

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