Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Longing" to be Home

"A man travels the world over in
search of what he needs and returns home
to find it."
G. Moore
Since I have lived here almost 33 years, I have drawn
all the landmarks a long time ago. This is the namesake
for my business: the Pea Patch Farm owned by Earl
K. Long, governor and colorful politician from Winnfield.
We sell this image on prints, notecards, and postcards.

I had a call from a customer from Oklahoma this week
wanting to buy a print and have it shipped. She said
she had been in Winnfield recently and had seen the
print in the shop. I asked her which one she was interested
in, and she said, "the one on the stilts." I wasn't quite
sure what she meant, and I described several of the
drawings to her, but she insisted it was on stilts. So,
I sent her a copy of this one, to see if this is the one....
they look like blocks to me...but maybe in Oklahoma,
those qualify as "stilts". I guess she hasn't been in
south Louisiana...!
Pea Patch Farm Prints
$10.00 each
Hand Watercolored $35.00
gail shelton art
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