Thursday, December 16, 2010

Michelangelo Mini

As an artist, I get asked to do all kinds of things. I
wish I could go to my studio 8 hours a day, and just
paint what I want to. But, I have a business to run,
and I have to bring in income any way I can! I got
a call this week to come and look at painting an
exterior ceiling at Mason Salter's furniture in
Natchitoches. She wants some clouds painted in the
sky blue area over the doorway. A painter has
already painted the background, and he sponged
in a few clouds. But she was not satisfied, and wanted
to know if I could come and "fix" it. I drove over and
looked at it. I will be able to do it, but it will have to
be later in the spring, when it warms up. Exterior
paint will not dry right now. So, I will put it on the
"to do" list, and show you the results later.
In the meantime, I am doing all the Christmas stuff:
shopping, wrapping, decorating...It's beginning to
look a lot like Christmas...!
gail shelton art
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