Sunday, December 26, 2010

All the Best

"Nothing is "over" like
Christmas is over."
C. Phelps

Now that it is over, I have been cleaning up and putting
things away. I was straightening up the studio, and came
across this sketch. It was one I was considering for my
Christmas t-shirt last year. I still like the message. I
have been thinking about this very idea all this Christmas
season. I wish it didn't have to be all about the gifts.
Everyone that comes in the shop is under such pressure
to buy just the right thing; to come up with the unforgettable
present. They agonize and analyze, and make themselves
miserable! I know that is is a noble want to give
someone the very best gift you can. And yet, I think we
miss what that might actually be. Maybe it could be more
of our time. Or some needed encouragement. Or a promise
kept. Or some simple act of kindness.

I hope that you were able to give and receive some of the
best this year. And that as we look forward to this new
year, we will remember that the "best things in life, are
not things."
gail shelton art
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