Sunday, December 12, 2010

Time to Trade

Artist Trading Cards
A fun activity for all artists to participate in...
artist's trading cards. They work like this:
An artist decorates the card
(a standard baseballcard size, 2.5 x 3.5).
Then the card can be traded with another
artist, and your art goes all over the place!~
The cards are not supposed to be sold, only traded.
And anyone can do do not have to be
an accomplished artist. And they can be any medium:
paint, collage, pencil, colored pencil, ink, etc. The
art shouldn't extend beyond the edges.
I would like to invite anyone to send me a card,
and I will gladly send one back to you! I am teaching
a workshop in January and would like to have some
samples besides mine! And it could be fun, so get out
your creative minds, and get busy. They can be mailed
to or dropped off at the gallery:
attn: Gail Shelton P. O. Box 1437 Winnfield, LA 71483
And I promise I will send an original card by me back to
you! Include name, contact info, and title on the
back of the card.
gail shelton art
Pea Patch Gallery 109 S. Abel Winnfield, LA 71483
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